2017 Speakers

12-minute talks:


The Fallout of Financial Illiteracy
Ryan Decker ’07
Economist at PwC


Sound Bites
Dr. Kristin Holmes ’03 Clifford (Right) 
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Donna Marino (Left)
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A Calling Beyond the Camera
David Johnson ’07
Photographer at DwJohnson Photography


Unearthing the Truth About Organics
Kelsey Staudacher ’09
Inside Sales Representative for Albert’s Organics


Soul: The Sense of Being
Mae Seely ’62 Sylvester
Writer and Consultant specializing in Cross-Cultural Communication


Our Collective Trauma
Nikki Young ’15
Student at Boston School of Theology


3-minute talks:

A War on the Media
Jarred DeHerrera
Senior, Business Management / Spanish


The Power of Perspective” 
Ashley Eisenmenger

Junior, Organizational Communication


Don’t Be Afraid of Your Fears
Joshua Lahey

Senior, Organizational Communication / Theater


The People We Praise
Reese Richardson
Sophomore, Physics and Applied Mathematics / Biology


The Grounding of Black Bodies
Davonte Sanders-Funches
Junior, Finance / Social Change Leadership


American Prison Reform
Jennifer Thomas
Senior, Management, Finance


It happened! Watch the videos and see the pictures!

Sight. Hearing. Touch. Taste. Smell.  Our physical senses, often taken for granted, can become dull – even numb – as we push through the monotonous gray of our day-to-day routines.  Every so often, however, our senses wake from their slumber when we encounter the unexpected.  A stunning sunset.  Fresh-roasted coffee. A beautiful melody.  Rich flavor. A warm embrace.  These moments remind us that we are alive; we become more fully present.

In the same way, compelling ideas can awaken the deeper senses.  A sense of responsibility.  A sense of purpose.  A sense of shared humanity.  We become numb to the need for community, dulled to the desire for civility, and deadened to the problems and suffering of the world around us. When we encounter an unexpected idea that resonates deep within us, it has the power to revive our latent dreams – the ones that make us truly alive. We wake up.  We see a vision. We hear a calling.  We come to our senses.

Join us for TEDxNorthCentralCollege 2017.

This year’s event features a compelling lineup of alumni and student speakers, catered deliciousness from Blackberry Market, a TEDx swag bag for all attendees, and unique interactive exhibits.  In addition, we’re thrilled to have the accomplished musician Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping at Last provide the musical soundtrack that binds these talks together.  Sleeping at Last released a meticulously-crafted 5-song series on the senses, and O’Neal will contribute his work in a rare live performance.
sleepingatlast image