TEDxNorthCentralCollege 2019

Friday, September 27th, 2019 | 4:09pm
Larrance Academic Center, 309 E. School St.
After-Party and Concert | 7:00pm

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Get your tickets now! Seating is limited.
$5 NCC Student Tickets*
$10 NCC Staff / Faculty / Alumni
$20 Public

*May be purchased at the North Central College Box Office w/ NCC ID
Tickets include general admission to event, post-event food and photo booth.
Overflow viewing available at Koten Chapel.

Virtue. A word that conjures up aspirations for an unattainable piety, the pursuit of the holy. Yet the value of justice, courage, discipline, and wisdom lies not only in the virtues themselves but in the sweat of our struggle towards them. The bone ache and muscle tears from our trek are soothed by the beauty of the view from the mountaintop.

Or is it a cliff?

For just as visceral, our vices may take the form of subtle secrets or flagrant props for our bodies and souls. The allure of darkness, of submission to self, and of acquiescence to the bend in moral fabric can leave us broken and blind and numb.

What causes us to forfeit our will power for the desires of our will and the weakness of our nature? Meet, confront, and understand the vices and virtues- the common threads of the fabric of our humanity.

Virtue or vice.

What is TEDx?

TEDx events are independently-organized, licensed TED-like events that foster learning, innovation and wonder, and bring together local communities to spark conversation around ideas worth spreading.

Why TEDxNorthCentralCollege?
As a comprehensive liberal arts college, North Central values a broad-based, interdisciplinary education that provides an ideal environment for the exchange of ideas. When the power of interdisciplinary learning is combined with a passion for the common good, the results are innovative solutions for lasting social impact. This is what you can expect from TEDxNorthCentralCollege.

*This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.